• He/she believes in the living God and prays daily.
  • He/she trusts in God who helps those who help themselves.
  • He/she works hard to be of genuine service to others.
  • He/she characterized by charity in thought, word and deed.
  • He/she speaks truly, deals truly, lives truly.
  • He/ she respects all elders, parents, teachers and other staff.
  • He/she is neat, punctual and courteous to all.
  • He/she is responsible, faithful to duty and trustworthy.
  • He/she is humble, docile and strong in character.
  • He/she has high ideals and strives for excellence and competence.
  • He/she lives up to the motto: Knowledge, Service, and Charity.
  • He/ she becomes a loyal citizen of India
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